KONG Pet Products

Why KONG Pet Products?

Kennel Organization National Guide recommended pet toys. Our KONG company offers and recommends only the best dog products and accessories around the world. We are a national organization providing guidance for pet owners around the world. KONG recommended pet products are hand-picked and reviewed for quality and dog experience.


What are KONG's recommended rubber dog toys?

Our number one brand and manufacturer of high quality pet products is Sum-Plast. Sumplast has been manufacturing pet products since 1974 in Poland, Europe. You can find Sum-Plast pet products all over the world. Please visit Sum-Plast to learn more about purchasing dog products and accessories such as rubber dog toys, plastic dog bowls, retractable dog leashes, cat litter boxes, cat litter scoops, portable terrariums, bird feeders and more. Once again, Sum-Plast is recommended our top pet product manufacturer.


Dog Toy Wholesalers

When it comes to wholesalers, we definitely know the best ones. Largest pet product manufacturers include dog toy wholesalers such as Sum-Plast, Mammoth Pet, JW, King Wholesale or Planet Dog are on the top of our list. They manufacture and sell wholeslae pet toys, wholesale various high quality pet toy products. They pet distribution channels reach global markets.You can be sure to get get your bang for the buck when you purchase pet toy supplies from one of these factories, importers and exporters.

KONG Dog Toys Warranty

When it comes to KONG pet products warranty, we strive to provide the consumer with best information possible.  We look at the durability of the product, wear and tear, and replacement options.

KONG Dog Toys Recipes

Are there any dog recipes provides on our site? Absolutely, we welcome all supporters of Kennel Organization National Guide to help grow our community and provide great dog recipes that work for your pup.  We are your dog food recipe source.

KONG Dog Toys Walmart

Can I purchase KONG recommended products at Walmart?  It depends.  If our recommended KONG products are sold at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Petsmart, or Petco, we will let you know and provide the link for easy access.

KONG Dog Toys Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop for ANY dog product. It might be dog food, dog leash, dog plastic bowl, or dog rubber toys.  We highly recommend using Amazon to purchase KONG recommended pet products. 

KONG Leash

How about KONG dog leashes.  Yes, KONG recommends dog leashes for pet owners.  KONG recommended dog leashes might include leather leash, retractable leash, rope leash, or other kinds of dog leashes.

KONG Dog Beds

We offer a variety of KONG recommended dog beds. The dog beds come in varius sizes, styles and color to fit your decor as well as your dogs needs. 

KONG Harness

Harness is very important when you take your dog for a walk.  KONG recommended harnesses are made with precision and are durable. 

KONG Dog Collar

Collars are another apparatus you can use to take your dog for a walk.  You should always try on the collar or the harnes on your puppy before buying the actual product.  If you purchase KONG recommended products online, please make sure the store offers a return policy as you might need it in case the collar or the harness do not fit snuggly your doggy. 


Disclaimer: Not affiliated with KONG Company - pet products manufacturer.